ESICM’s NEXT Start-Up Grant

The NEXT Start-Up Grant supports the professional development of talented newly board-certified intensivists who have already a background in research and are willing to develop independent research programmes. The specific intent is to provide support for young and talented researchers/scientists who have the potential to become established independent investigators in the field of intensive care and emergency medicine. i.e. the award is made to the individual.

Who can apply?

Board-certified Intensive Care Physicians within 5-years from consultancy who can demonstrate a solid background in research (e.g. PhD, MD, publications list/reference) are invited to apply. Applicants must demonstrate institutional support to facilitate research activities and professional development.


Research programme proposals may rely on approaches ranging from basic cellular responses to outcome research, and may include clinical applications as well as translational science. Timetable and milestones definition are required. Research programme timetable specification including milestones and objectives at time of application. 1-year assessment through ESICM validated evaluation tools and approval of 2nd year grant allocation. Dissemination of results through ESICM events and journals up to 3-years after grant allocation required. There will also be long term follow-up of professional development as an established independent researcher.

The NEXT Start-Up Grant allocates a grant amounting to 25 000€ per year for up to 2 years. In 2015, the prize will be offered to one candidate. This grant is fully funded by ESICM.

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