EASD 2016: Physical activity and exercise in type 2 diabetes: moving beyond glucose control?

The wider impact of physical activity in type 2 diabetes has been explored in a session of EASD 2016 by Professor Michael Trenell, Newcastle University, UK.

“Exercise, alongside other lifestyle changes, is a foundation for good type 2 diabetes management. The focus to date has been on the use of exercise to help manage levels of glucose in the body. But, the real value of exercise extends beyond this,” says Professor Trenell. “I present the most recent cross sectional and interventional data demonstrating the power of being more physically active on liver, heart and brain function. I compare the effects of moving more against sitting and also weight management to reach the conclusion that ‘Smart people really do take being physically active to Heart!’.”

Click on the image to view Prof. Trenell’s presentation












Source EASD 2016

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