ISH Franz Volhard Award and Lectureship for Outstanding Research Awarded to: Michel Safar, Paris, France

This award and lectureship was endowed by Farbwerke Hoechst in 1972 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Franz Volhard. The award shall be made at Hypertension Sydney 2012 to a person or persons who, in the opinion of the ISH Awards Committee of the ISH, shall have initiated in the field of hypertension or in a related discipline, a concept which remains of current interest.

Professor Safar was awarded for his huge contributions to our understanding of large artery mechanics and cardiovascular risk resulting from vascular stiffness. Professor Safar has had an extraordinarily distinguished career in the field of hypertension and was among the first to study large artery stiffness and the effect on systolic blood pressure and how systolic blood pressure is the most important blood pressure and hemodynamic parameter leading to increased cardiovascular risk particularly in people with hypertension older than age 60.

Many other investigators have since his studies in the ‘80s confirmed the critical findings of Professor Safar. He opened a field of investigation, and produced major work since that has made him one of the leaders in the field. He is recognized broadly in the hypertension community for his trail blazing research, and it is time for the ISH to provide Professor Safar the recognition that he deserves.


Source ISH

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