Agfa HealthCare Introduces MUSICA for Dynamic Imaging to Empower its new DR Multi-Purpose X-ray Room at RSNA 2016

One MUSICA platform for radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications to support the role of radiology within value-based care

Agfa HealthCare announces on November 17 th 2016,  that it will introduce its new DR 800* X-ray room with Dynamic MUSICA at RSNA 2016. The multi-purpose solution covers radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications, supporting Agfa HealthCare’s role as a value-based healthcare provider offering solutions that assure every image counts.

A single, multi-purpose solution

The multi-purpose digital radiography suite is designed to enable radiology to meet the growing demand for fluoroscopy, without requiring multiple investments. The DR 800 is a robust and reliable solution that can handle a full range of radiographic exams (skeletal, thorax, abdomen, weight bearing) and fluoroscopy exams (including barium studies, arthrograms, cystograms, myelography and catheter placement, etc.).

Dynamic MUSICA for fluoroscopy images

The DR 800 comes with MUSICA high-speed, multi-scale image processing, which can now also process moving images. Along with enhanced noise suppression and superb brightness control, Dynamic MUSICA processing reduces veiling glare and plays a significant role in enabling potential dose reduction[1] .

Pushing versatility to the limit

The DR 800 solution offers high quality radioscopy and fluoroscopy in supine and upright positions. With its 180 cm SID and auto positioning presets, no compromises need to be made during chest imaging. The highly customizable DR 800 can be equipped with high-frequency fluoroscopy generator options of 50, 65 or 80 kW, a console for patient-side positioning, a wireless console for remote control, a compressor cone and an auto-switching anti-scatter grid. EasyStitch technology enables fast and high precision Full Leg Full Spine exams, while LiveVision technology allows for accurate dose-free remote positioning by providing a first person camera view of the patient. Combined with MUSICA image processing, Advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector technology offers high-speed, high-resolution imaging at low dose[1].

The flexible positioning, optimized workflow and premium image quality offered by Agfa’s DR 800 solution, will enhance both efficiency and patient satisfaction.

“High-quality imaging supports informed diagnosis and treatment decisions, critical for value-based care,” comments Louis Kuitenbrouwer, Vice President Imaging Division of Agfa HealthCare. “With the DR 800, we are using our experience and innovation to create a versatile solution – a ‘jack of all trades’ that can be configured to match the user’s specific needs. Playing a key role in assuring optimum patient care, the DR 800 supports radiology within the care continuum.”

DR 800 and Dynamic MUSICA  at RSNA 2016, November 27 – December 2, Chicago, USA: Booth #3336.

*Pending 510(k) submission. Not available in the US and Canada.

About Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare, present in one hospital out of two, is a leading provider of eHealth & Digital Imaging solutions. Care organizations in over 100 countries rely on Agfa HealthCare to optimize their efficiency and improve patient care.


  1. Testing with board-certified radiologists has determined that Cesium Bromide (CR) and Cesium Iodide (DR) detectors, when used with MUSICA image processing, can provide dose reductions between 50 to 60%, compared to traditional Barium Fluoro Bromide CR systems. Contact Agfa HealthCare for more details.


SOURCE Agfa HealthCare

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